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In the media

My work has been featured in the US and international print, broadcast and internet media.  Some notable highlights include the Financial Times (London), NewScientist (UK), Fortune, ESPN (TV), the BBC (UK), the Daily Telegraph (UK), Oesterreichischer Rundfunk (Austria, TV) and the Daily Mail (UK).  Please find a small selection below.  A more complete list for the PLoS One paper can be found here.

NOTE: Some of the links may have expired since they were uploaded.

The Financial Times (UK) - 02-03-2023

Fortune - 03-31-2023

Yahoo Sports - 03-29-2023

ESPN (TV) - 03-30-2023

Time News - 03-29-2023

Science Times - 03-29-2023

Oesterreichischer Rundfunk (TV - Austria) - 03-30-2023

TopKy (Slovakia) - 03-30-2023

BBC - 03-30-2023

Yorkshire Evening Post (UK) - 03-29-2023

ZME Science - 03-29-2023

LiveScience - 03-29-2023

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